Meet Noodle the Spaniel

Noodle the crazy 2 year old spaniel is a wonderful ball of energy, love and joy. She's actually a 'sprocker' as she's mostly working cocker with a very small bit of springer from her mum, who was also a sprocker. We think this makes her extra specially mad!

Here's Noodle's beautiful Mon Petit Chien 3d printed sculpture. Her 3d printed spaniel model looks just like her, except it's a bit less inclined to jump up and rush off!

See the interactive view of Noodle the spaniel's 3d printed figurine

She also has a gorgeous standing sculpture. It's currently being made into some lovely sterling silver spaniel jewellery - watch this space for updates...

You can click and hold to move the spaniel model around, and zoom in and out with your mouse wheel.

As part of the process of creating a 3d printed model of your dog, we involve you in feedback and you'll be able to see an interactive version like this of your own dog in 3d.

Here's a chat with Noodle and her owner Polly!

What was Noodle like as a puppy?

Polly: Noodle was a hilarious, affectionate and engaging puppy who was delighted to meet everyone. For some reason she was frightened of carrots for the first few months of her life, and spent a while barking at a jacket potato outside a greengrocers.

Noodle: You can never be too sure when it comes to root vegetables.

Polly: She very much enjoyed wrecking our garden, pulled up most of our plants and shredded the rose bushes, dug holes, jumped on shrubs, stalked plant pots and generally wreaked havoc outside.

Noodle: What did you expect? You brought a spaniel puppy home! You brought it all on yourself.

How has Noodle changed as she's grown up?

Polly: She loved cuddles and still does. She has calmed down a lot as she's grown up but still enjoys shredding plants given half a chance.

Noodle: I have learned how to get your attention. It's the absolute best fun when you chase me to retrieve a prized plant. You have no chance!

What does Noodle eat?

Polly: She eats Royal Canin with lots of delicious things like cold pressed salmon oil and golden paste (made with turmeric) to keep her in tip top condition. Plus the odd raw bone. She's not spoilt at all...!

Noodle: Don't believe a word of it. They never feed me. I'm basically starving. HELP ME!

Polly: She also tries to eat everything else. She attempted a bee once. It did not end well for her.

Noodle: I have not learned. I'm sure I could eat a clothes peg. They look so crunchy!

When is Noodle happiest?

Polly: Noodle is super happy all the time and I'm sure we could power something off her tail. But I think she's happiest in the woods hurtling through undergrowth and leaping over banks exploring all the amazing smells.

Noodle: Life is awesome! Every day is the best day! Especially when I'm covered in bits of hedgerow.

What's Noodle's favourite toy?

Polly: A ball on a rope. She picks the rope up and flings the ball around wildly.

Noodle: Actually, my favourite is your riding gloves and people's socks - why aren't I allowed to play with them?

Perfect day?

Polly: Noodle's perfect day would involve morning cuddles, an exciting walk, a big breakfast then the rest of the morning spent sleeping in front of the woodburner. We'd go out for lunch as Noodle loves sitting in cafes or pubs and meeting new people. A beach walk in the afternoon with plenty of seaweed to chase. A chew when we get home. Some training to learn new exciting stuff like finding hidden objects. Suppertime, then everyone would curl up on the sofa together with Noodle allowed under the blanket too.

Noodle: That sounds amazing. Why don't we do that every day? You humans spend too much time working and not enough time joyously living!

How affectionate is Noodle?

Polly: Noodle is ridiculously affectionate. She holds us down with a paw and gives us a thorough licking. She leaps up into our laps and demands cuddles. She falls asleep upsidown in our arms. She wags delightedly when we go anywhere near her or even look at her. She loves being stroked and often gives you a lick after you give her a kiss.

Noodle: I am so full of love for humans, and my ones in particular, I just don't know what to do with myself!

How does Noodle greet you when you haven't seen her in a while?

Polly: She gets extremely overexcited and rushes around bringing you toys, shoving her head into your stomach, turning round in circles and wanting you to cuddle her all at once. She doesn't bark but makes excited squeaky noises and snorts a lot with joy.

Noodle: And by 'in a while' I mean every time the humans return from another room.

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