How to take photos for a sculpture of your dog

What sort of photos do you need to supply for Mon Petit Chien to create a sculpture of your dog? Here's some information for you. Bear in mind we can absolutely work with whatever photos you have, as often our 3d printed dog figurines are commissioned as memorials. If this is the case please feel free to send us your photos before ordering if you want to check they will be suitable. However we can work with just one or two photos if necessary.

If you are commissioning a memorial sculpture

We can usually work with whatever photos you have of your dog to create a precious lasting memorial sculpture. Please see our dog memorials page for more information.

If you are taking photos of your dog for a sculpture

If you are able to take specific photos of your dog for a bespoke figurine then here are some tips to help you:

How and where to set up your photos

New to photography? Don't worry. We don't need an excellent photo, just an in-focus reference of what your lovely dog looks like.

  • Natural light usually works best. If you can, go outside to take your photos.
  • Try to take photos with the sun behind the camera, not in front of it. A slightly overcast day is perfect.
  • Don't worry about the background. We won't pay any attention to it! No need to tidy the garden.
  • If you're indoors, put plenty of lights on and make sure the lights are behind the camera, not in front of it (or your dog will be in silhouette).
  • Alternatively it works really well to find a large window and position your dog in front of it, with you standing between the dog and the window so the light from the window comes from behind the camera.
  • Try to make sure your photos are in focus!
  • If you can ask somebody to help by standing beside you with treats, this often works well to help keep your dog still as you walk around it to take photos. Plus, it's more fun for your dog!

What sort of photos of your dog to take

  • Take photos, if you can, in the position you would like your dog sculpture in.
  • Take at least 6-10 photos of your dog
  • Take a photo of your dog from the front, each side, the back, and above.
  • Take plenty of photos of your dog's face: from the front and from each side.
  • Take close up photos of any unusual markings or features you'd like to ensure are visible in the sculpture.

When sending the photos of your dog to Mon Petit Chien

When you order a 3d printed model of your dog we will provide you with an upload link to send your photos, you can also forward them to us via email. We would like the highest resolution you have of the photos, so please don't re-size them or compress them to make them smaller.

Would you like your photos checked?

You can always send your photos (or smaller versions of them) to us in advance and we're happy to check them to confirm we will be able to make a sculpture of your dog from them. There is no charge for this!

Contact us with your photos here

You can contact us here to enquire about having your photos checked, or ask us any other questions - we're always happy to help! We look forward to seeing your photos of your lovely dogs.