Dog memorials

As dog owners ourselves, we know how much we treasure our dogs and really understand how awful it is when we lose them. If only our dogs could live as long as us! We're so glad for the time we share with them.

Remembering your dog with a sculpture

We create unique full colour sculptures of dogs that are precious and lasting memorials - and this can be a really lovely way to remember a dearly loved dog. We create our dog figurines from photos and so they are lifelike and made to look exactly like your dog. We can create a memorial sculpture from a photo of a favourite pose or use a particularly wonderful expression from a photo of your dog.

A sculpture, or statue, of your dog is much more tangible than a photo and having something you can touch as you remember the times they happily galloped across the beach or had a cuddle on the sofa (or wrecked your garden or rolled in that muddy ditch!) can be a precious thing.

Tara's lovely 3d printed dog memorial sculpture

"Thank you so much for bringing our Tara back into our home. She looks amazing me and my husband cried as soon as we saw it.

Forever in thanks to you. We can't stop looking at her. Omg I still can't believe how wonderful she is. Thank you!!!"
Paula & Kerry

Photos of your dog for a memorial

If you'd like to commission a memorial sculpture of you dog, we are able to work with whatever photos you have of your dog - even if they are from lots of different times. It often works well if you can point us at a specific photo of your dog in a pose you'd like their memorial and then supply other photos so we can see their markings and features. We are able to use different photos for different things - so for example if you have one photo of your dog in a pose you love but another photo with a priceless expression or a perfectly trimmed coat - we can generally combine both photos when we're creating their sculpture.

We usually ask for at least 6 photos if possible, and ideally from different angles of your dog and showing their face in as much detail as possible. However, please feel free to send us whatever you have and we'll let you know whether we can create a sculpture using them. We haven't had to say no yet! We can also use just 1 or 2 photos if necessary.

Dog breeds we can create memorials for

We can create a memorial figurine for any type of dog, whether it's a purebreed or a completely unknown and wonderful mixture! All our dog memorials are created from scratch using your photos as reference, so we can make a memorial sculpture for your dog whatever breed it is.

Ensuring your dog's memorial sculpture looks like them

We always involve you in feedback before finalising your dog's model. You'll be able to see what your dog's memorial figurine will look like before it gets printed and we will make any changes necessary to ensure you're totally happy with your memorial before it's created.

Can you supply an urn?

Yes, we work with a couple of partners to supply lovely urns to go with your dog memorial sculpture. We can also combine the two so your dog's sculpture sits, stands or lies on top of a beautiful memorial box containing their ashes. Please contact us for information.

How long does it take?

It usually takes about 6 weeks from approving your photos to receiving your memorial sculpture. We take time to work with you, talk about your dog, and make sure you're totally happy with their memorial sculpture before finalising it. However if you are in a rush and need it faster, please ask us as we may be able to offer an express service. Either way, remember that creating a lifelike model of your dog does take some time - the end results are totally worth it.

How to order a dog memorial

Ordering a memorial sculpture of your dog from Mon Petit Chien is simple and we pride ourselves on being really nice people to work with. Take a look at our how to order a sculpture of your dog page for information.