Meet Fraser the Cross Breed

Fraser is a cross breed (terrier cross) rescue dog from Cardiff Dogs Home, who we support. He went to live with Adrian and Mel on April Fools Day in 2009. Their lives haven't been the same since!

Check out an interactive view of Fraser's 3d printed sculpture

Our Mon Petit Chien logo is based on Fraser, as he was the original inspiration for the company. We thought he deserved his own full colour 3d printed sculpture, and here it is looking pretty pawsome.

Take a look at an interactive view of Fraser's 3d printed crossbreed dog figurine here - you can click and hold to move the model around, and zoom in and out with your mouse wheel.

As part of the process of creating a 3d printed model of your dog, we involve you in feedback and you'll be able to see an interactive version like this of your own dog in 3d.

Fraser wanted his own interview as he's clearly the most important dog, so here's a chat with him and Mel!

Why did you choose to live with eachother then?

Mel: I met Fraser at Cardiff Dog's Home and couldn't resist his big brown eyes and waggy tail! We went for a walk together - he was called Chico then. I knew he wasn't a Chico, he was our Fraser and we loved him straightaway.

Fraser: Love at first sight! I was so super happy to go home with Mel and to meet Adrian. I can't really remember my life before I met them, but the humans at Cardiff Dogs Home looked after me excellently until Mel came and asked for me to live with her. I felt at home straightaway and got to work ridding the garden of squirrels.

Mel: I'm not sure that next door's cat is so super happy that Fraser came to live with us.

Fraser: Lola the cat and I have a Romeo and Juliet relationship going on. Sortof. As long as she doesn't venture into my garden, we're cool.

How would you describe Fraser?

Mel: Fraser is an irresistably cute dog with a split personality - sometimes he's a soppy sensitive little soul and other times a mad, demanding, excitable, energetic little demon!

Fraser: It depends on the phase of the moon. I've been reading up about the history of dogs. I'm channelling my wolf roots, not being a mad demon!

Mel: Oh, is that it? Or is it that sometimes the postman walks past?

Fraser: The postman and parcel lady are both my sworn enemies. They may not walk past my territory. I will chew ALL of the cheques. Unless the moon is in its seventeenth phase on a Tuesday. Hoooooowl!

Mel: (sigh)

What does Fraser eat?

Mel: Fraser will eat anything and is especially keen on anything that isn't his normal dry kibble. He does love tripe, special treat food pouches and any kind of meat - he especially loves a BBQ and bumps his head up and down with excitement hoping for sausages!

Fraser: They gave me some peas with my dinner once. Peas! I ask you. Bring me the BBQ!

When is Fraser happiest?

Mel:I like to think it's when we are all together, the three of us, snuggled up together - but Fraser would probably just prefer to be out running on the beach or chasing his ball!

Fraser: My favourite thing is doing anything with you both! Especially if it involves chasing balls or eating sausages.

Perfect day?

Mel: Fraser's perfect day would start with it being a day off for all of us. A chilled start to the morning ideally lazing on our bed while we have morning tea up there, he's not in a rush in the mornings! A good breakfast (i.e. some titbits from ours!) and out for a walk with the family - the muddier the better and with lots of ball chasing and stick chewing. Maybe even a bit of river swimming and the odd squirrel to chase! Then home for a rub down with a towel (definitely not a bath!) and to spend the rest of the evening snoozing somewhere comfortable - like our bed.

Fraser: Yes please! I especially like the not-a-bath bit. Although you forgot to mention the bit where I get all the supper from the BBQ. That's important. Don't forget the sausages Mel.

How affectionate is Fraser?

Mel: Fraser loves a cuddle and can also be really sweet if you're upset - he does pick up on this. He tries to comfort you by sitting on you and pawing at you. It usually works!

Fraser: Nobody cries on my watch! Cuddles for everyone.

Mel: He's also rather keen on food so can be super affectionate if food is involved!

Fraser: Show me a dog that isn't keen on food and I'll show you a liar. Or a dog with rubbish food. Seriously guys, carrots aren't treats. Where are the sausages?

What's Fraser's best trick?

Mel: "Go to bed Frase" or "Bedtime Frase", he takes himself off to his bed in the office with Adrian - bless.

Fraser: These other dogs I hear of that do complicated tricks are just making life hard work for themselves. Just go and lie down in a comfy spot! You get a snooze, the humans are happy - everyone wins!

Tell us a secret

Mel: Last year, Fraser broke out through the cat flap and got up to goodness knows what. Thankfully he got picked up by the dog warden as we were distraught trying to find him! He had a night in the slammer and we brought him home the next day, safe and sound. Phew!

Fraser: I was embarking on my long overdue Life of Crime. I am remorseless. My ability to squeeze through small gaps is now legendary.

Mel: Fraser loved his sailors outfit on the ferry to France on our last holiday.

Fraser: Not true.

Mel: And he has been known to bark at his own reflection.

Fraser: I am never talking to you again.

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