Meet Joey the Dachshund

Joey the very dashing dachshund is 5 years old and has lived in Wales with Sian since he was a puppy. As is typical with dachshunds he is a fabulous family pet with a very amusing personality! He can be pretty stubborn, but he's super loyal and loving.

Because he's a super smart sausage dog, Joey has got his very own Mon Petit Chien 3d printed sausage dog sculpture.

See the interactive view of Joey the dachshund's 3d printed figurine

Take a look at Joey's dachshund 3d model. Joey thinks it looks almost as handsome as him! He also thinks because he has a Mon Petit Chien sculpture of himself, it means Sian loves him more than life itself and that means he should be allowed to empty the fridge of cheese.

"I LOVE HIM, Thank you so so much!!!

That's the best parcel I think I've come home to!! "

The gorgeous Joey and his favourite person Sian came to have a chat with the Mon Petit Chien team:

What was Joey like as a puppy?

Sian: Joey was a brilliant puppy and learnt very quickly.

Joey: Of course. Top of the class. What I lack in height I make up for in brains.

Sian: He was house trained within a few weeks and has never really had any accidents.

Joey: Oh. You are so embarrassing!

How has Joey changed as he's grown up?

Sian: He's always loved to be around people so has never really been left alone. He is very well behaved if left in the house for short periods but his little face looks so sad when you leave that I struggle to go anywhere without him!

Joey: I just pull the old 'puppy eyes' routine and it works every time. Never gets old. Resistance is futile.

What does Joey eat?

Sian: Joey is a total four legged hoover and will basically eat anything.

Joey: How rude!

Sian: At the moment he's moving on to a raw diet so his favourite foods are any type of meat.

Joey: Also, I try to wolf cheese down every chance I get. Why aren't I allowed to eat cheese more often? Put me on a cheese diet!

When is Joey happiest?

Sian: When he's on my bed cwtched up in the duvet.

Joey: It's a hard life being a dachshund.

Who are Joey's sworn enemies?

Sian: He's not a fan of small dogs. He prefers to bark and act like he can take on larger breeds.

Joey: Do not group me with small dogs. I may be a dachshund but in my mind, I am as large as a st bernard. Call me short. Go on! I dare you. I'm in Team Big Dogs.

Perfect day?

Sian: A long lie in under the blankets with a plate of sausage and bacon for breakfast followed by a run on the beach, a new selection of squeaky toys and some more sleeping.

Joey: Yep, home comforts all the way! A little walk with plenty of food and sleeping either side sounds great to me. As well as some new squeaky things to destroy, even better if there's stuffing to pull out of them too. When is this day happening please? Tomorrow?

How does Joey greet you when you haven't seen him in a while?

Sian: He gets very excited running around in circles squeaking. He then lies on his back and gestures for me to rub his belly.

Joey: Firstly, I don't squeak. As with all dachshunds, I have a very deep voice. Secondly, I do love a belly rub. My wish is her command.

How affectionate is Joey?

Sian: He always wants to be snuggled up to me and follows me around the house. He sleeps next to my bed and I rub his belly to send him to sleep.

Joey: I can't even find the woofs to describe how much I adore Sian. Sometimes she massages me with coconut oil. I'm a lucky dachshund!

What's Joey's favourite toy?

Sian: Anything that squeaks. He will destroy a toy to get the squeak out and then tries to eat the bits of plastic. He loves to hide his toys under the living room rug and dig for them. Most dachshunds seem to have a destructive trait when it comes to toys. He will destroy a toy within ten minutes. My carpet is always covered in stuffing!

Joey: It's my life's work.

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